Looking extraordinary is ordinary

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Kenisha Paranso



Her sole purpose is pleasing the soul.  Since her existence, she witnessed family traditional tailoring, devotion to fashion extravagance and a love affair with style and confidence. She is magnetically drawn to philosophy and the extraordinary.  She reveres iconic aesthetic expressions - a tribute to Alexander McQueen and his masterpiece collections - “masculinity and femininity desire me, stilettos highlight me, runways melt me and avant-garde silences me”.  She galvanizes the gutsy spirit of Franca Sozzani and her pioneering All Black Vogue edition.  She treasures human genetic flaws and Pat McGrath’s cosmetic genius LAB.  She is empowered by serenity and Iyanla Vanzant’s spirituality. She strives to walk the footprints of Angelina Jolie and her mark on humanity.  She appreciates intelligence and is unapologetically mesmerized by Michelle & Barak Obama’s revolutionary journey. She unleashes her fashion appetite despite being compelled to a legal and social education delight.


Parallel to her professional life: sweet delicacies narrate her fantasy, Lamborghini powers her energy, exotic flower describes her beauty, the epic Romeo & Juliet feeds her romantic exhibition, the GIFT of her "KingBlue" crowns her a force of nature and Sex in the City is her ONLY connection to society.


Editor: Nicole Stanikowski

Photographer: @walkingcanucks