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looking extraordinary is ordinary™

i.D.Silhouette is an image consulting and fashion styling firm based in Toronto, Canada. Our goal is to help our clients perfect their personal and professional style by looking their best, save time and money and develop personal power in the process. Our principles on all aspects of consultation are to be new, fresh and current when providing individuals with styling, shopping and wardrobe services. These principles are also applicable to our corporate services, including training workshops and individual corporate styling. i.D. Silhouette also provides styling for advertising, commercials, editorials, prints and media-related projects. i.D. Silhouette pays attention to your authentic characteristics to establish the basis for a successful and lasting image.



Kenisha Paranso is a fashion stylist and image consultant with a deep-rooted philosophy that “looking extraordinary is ordinary™”!  In 2010, after completing an Image Consultant Certification at George Brown, she began freelancing and launched her own fashion styling and image consulting firm - i.D. Silhouette.


With an innate sense for global trends, Kenisha helps men and women look chic, fresh and modern while telling a compelling style story. Her clients’ individuality and character inspires her to create flawless looks that revitalize their image through style analysis, wardrobe selection, and signature style.


Her growing clientele - ranging from executives, political figures, athletes and media personalities - praises her expertise and exquisite eye for detail. Kenisha’s creative vision transcends “beyond” coordinating the latest fashion trends, her impressive body of work in high fashion and editorial can be found in: F-Shift, Elegant, IN-Magazine, Veux, Modo, Magpie Darling, Ellements and much more.


She captures attention with her work, and most importantly, exudes confidence while telling a compelling style story - "great style is style that lasts, stands the test of time. Each time someone sees that style they have the same excitement”.



We look deeper to understand her love of style and image:









Why is fashion styling and image consulting your career choice?
It feels natural…like my calling! I created a “self brand” of how I want to

be viewed…helping others achieve the same is magical! My philosophy is improving

your overall look by identifying you, 1000%!

Why your love for fashion & style?

Simple. Fashion rules! Style commands my attention.

When did fashion become your foremost inspiration?

At age 17…switching from tomboy to chic-femme, but total femme did

not define me so I mesh them together.


Who has been most influential in the fashion industry?

My beloved…the late great Alexander McQueen! His creations are

iconic…captivating…tells a powerful and dynamic story. He completes me…My

style! My fashion!


What is beauty to you?

Positive energy…confidence…a contagious smile.


What can we expect from i.D.Silhouette in the future?

I am creating an image of positive influence…flawless and lasting images…clients exuding confidence and testifying of their happiness, inside out.


By: Thesa Melona